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180 Smoke Premium Line e-liquid Review

180 Smoke is one of the prestigious brands in the vaping market. Their products delivering taste, flavor and smoke longevity. They are blended with care and are without a doubt affordable. Their flavors are widely appreciated, loved and enjoyed by the vaping community.

180 Premium Line e-liquid

Berry Blast Premium E-Juice 30ml

30ml bottle, 50%VG/50%PG

As the name implies, it’s fairly standard mixed berries (blueberry, strawberry) and grape blend with a heavy emphasis on the cool side of those minty flavors. The overall profile is relatively simple and straightforward with the berry and cream coming together in a single, cohesive flavor that is unchanging from the inhale to the finish. While it doesn’t utilize a particularly rich cream flavor, it still manages to do a good job of softening the acidity from the berries and creating a rich, full mouthfeel.



Caribbean Cocktail Premium E-Juice – 30ml

70% VG, 30% PG, 30ml bottle.

This super smooth banana smoothie is one of the best fruit e-juices you can find on the market today. It comes with a complex flavor with adventurous mixes of sweet tropical notes including and the delicious banana smoothie. The banana is clearly the most robust flavor in the profile with a sweet candied quality that presents immediately with a rich, ripe, intense flavor while still possessing a smooth, subtle creaminess thanks to the smoothie portion of the profile. The sweet, ripe banana flavor and creamy element derived from the smoothie component are correctly mixed with the high, fruity notes of a strawberry overtone.  Its final taste is well-balanced. You can vape this flavor all day without losing interest.

30ml bottle. 50% VG/50% PG

With a rich flavor profile, Macarons de Paris is a winner that will help you see la vie en rose. The almond flavor is right on the spot and gives a generous bite without being too overpowering. The creaminess adds a real buttery flavor. This e-liquid has the most authentic almonds, and coconut roll flavor I’ve yet to taste. You will enjoy the warm buttery taste to the hilt.


Sex on the Peach E-Liquid 30ml

30ml bottle, 50%VG – 50%PG

180 smoke Sex on the Peach E-Liquid flavor is a delightful and lovely blend of refreshing cocktail with delicious peaches. The aroma is delicious, real fruit and real savory.  The flavor is decidedly candy-like in nature, and as a result, it comes off a bit artificial tasting. Interestingly, it’s a cherry I’ve not previously tasted, with a particular sense of subtlety at play. There’s nothing that’s in-your-face about this juice. The flavors of cherry, orange and pineapple dance throughout the smoking session. This fruity flavor will get everyone in its captivation. Its fruit mixed texture, pleasant juicy aroma, and palate hitting buzz are reason enough for you to give it a shot!

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