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8 Popular E-Liquid Flavor Profiles

As the vape industry continues to grow, the DIY e-juice market also continues to get filled with DIY vapers.  Many vapers have come to realize that the e-juice flavors that e-liquid companies supply such as Flavorah, FlavorArt, Capella, The Perfumer’s Apprentice or The Flavor Apprentice among others can be created at home using a simple DIY vape flavoring kit. There has also been an increase in the availability of vape e-liquid recipes online. The availability of the recipes has led to increased experiments in various DIY e-liquid forums where vapers and experienced e-liquid mixologists discuss their tricks and experiences.

Popular flavor profiles

The following are flavor profiles that are commonly used in DIY e-juice liquid recipes:

Tobacco flavors

Tobacco flavors are commonly used in vape e-liquid recipes. For most vapers especially those who switched to vaping so that they can quit smoking, their first vaping experience was with a vape juice containing tobacco flavor. When it comes to tobacco choices, there is a wide variety of flavors. Popular tobacco flavor profiles include cherry tobacco, Marlboro, RY4, Cuban, French pipe, camel, coumarin, 555, menthol and fired cure or flue cured. Flavorah has a wide selection of tobacco profile flavors you can explore.

Tropical fruits flavors

Tropical fruit flavors are very popular in DIY vape e-liquid recipes. They are also very accessible flavors in the market.  Common fruit flavor profiles include mango, raspberry, banana, grape, strawberry, pineapple, black current, orange, and apple fruit flavor. If you prefer ripe and extra sweet fruits, go for e-liquid flavors like mango, pineapple, and raspberry. if you like more subtle fruits, go for the likes of apple, melons, and berries flavors.

Beverages flavors

I am sure you have your favorite drink or beverage of choice when certain cravings kick in. There is a wide variety of e-juice beverage flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. Some popular e-liquid beverage flavors include:

Cola, coffee, Redbull, dream tea, strawberry milk, pink lemonade, etco cooler and cream de menthe

Yogurts flavors

The yogurt flavors contained in vape e-liquid recipes are basically semi-sweet fruit flavors containing a creamy base. Yogurt e-liquid flavors are light-bodied with enough sweet from the fruits. Greek yogurt provides the tang which keeps you satisfied all the way. Popular yogurt e-liquid flavors include strawberry yogurt, kiwi yogurt, Greek yogurt, creamy yogurt, blueberry yogurt.

Savory/dessert flavors

Everyone loves desserts. E-liquid dessert flavors are very popular among vapors because they provide realistic taste and satisfaction like the actual dessert products themselves. They are usually sweet but can be savory as well. Popular dessert flavors in vape e-liquid recipes include donuts, cake, vanilla custard, cinnamon roll, Bavarian cream, apple pie, cheesecake, sugar cookie, marshmallow, banana nut bread.

Menthol flavors

Menthol is another popular flavor in many vape e-liquid recipes. In these e-liquid recipes, it is also used together with other flavors to cool them down or give them a unique twist of the taste. Popular menthol profile flavors include frost, subzero, thug juice, and menthol freeze.

Cereals/breakfast flavors

Cereals are very popular flavors because they translate well in vape e-liquid recipes. Common breakfast or cereal e-liquid flavors include coco chocolate, pebbles, captain crunch, Belgian waffle, and fruit loops.

Candy flavors

Every one of us has that one favorite candy that reminds us of our childhood. Whether you are craving lollipops, candy mints, chocolate or fruit chews you can find an e-liquid that satisfies your sweet tooth.  Some of the popular candy profile flavors include bubblegum, blue raspberry, fairy floss, gummy bears, skittles, cinnamon hots, jolly rancher and peanut butter cups.

This is not an extensive list. It does not even scratch the surface of flavor profiles popular in vape e-liquid recipes. If you are getting started in making DIY e-liquids, the possibilities are endless. Utilizing the flavor profiles in this post will certainly open up new options.