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What is the Best Tobacco E-Juice in 2017!?

The ability to experiment is one of the greatest pleasures of using electronic cigarettes, but if you are like most e-cig users, you are probably on a never-ending search for the best tobacco e-liquid for everyday use. This comparison lists every tobacco e-liquid reviewed by eliquidlabs.com, describing the flavor notes in each. Whether you have just tried e-cigs for the first time or are looking for something new, I hope it will be a valuable resource. Click a link or picture to display the product page for that e-liquid.

Halo Tribeca E-liquid

Strength: 18 mg

Size: 30 ml

Price:$8.49(7 ml also available for $5.99)

Halo is really moving along lately, test marketing and introducing several new e-liquid flavors and giving the other electronic cigarette liquid companies a real run for their money in terms of quality and price. Halo Tribeca E-liquid is a tobacco-flavored e-liquid, and of the tobacco flavors that I have tried to date, it is perhaps the one most reminiscent of a real cigarette — but not the traditional kind.This e-liquid earns Spinfuel Flavor Choice award winner’s smooth tobacco blend with the touch of vanilla & caramel to produce a satisfying tobacco E-liquid with a sweet finish.

Perhaps you recall that in the early 2000s, Caramel marketed a series of flavored cigarettes in decorative tins — Camel Exotic Blends. These cigarettes came in an interesting variety of flavors, and if I recall correctly, Camel introduced a new series of limited-edition flavors each year. Sadly, these cigarettes were outlawed with the United States government passed a new law banning flavored cigarettes. Halo Tribeca E-liquid tastes very much like one of these. Camel called the flavor Camel Twist; it was a blend of tobacco with something like citrus peel.

Halo advertises that their  Tribeca E-liquid e-liquid contains a blend of caramel and vanilla flavors. However, I believe that is only part of the story — I believe that they also add the flavor of either orange peel or bergamot. The ginger taste blends into the background with this e-liquid, and the citrus and tobacco flavors are in the forefront. The e-liquid is blended extremely well so that no single flavor note really sticks out over the others. More importantly, I don’t taste any of that sickly-sweet caramel flavor that plagues so many tobacco-flavored e-liquids.

Camel Exotic Blends were never really intended for everyday use; they were more expensive than normal cigarettes, and because each individual flavor was only sold for a limited time, people usually saved them for when they were in the mood for something different. Likewise, I am not sure how many people would want to vape with Halo Smooth 8 exclusively. The flavor might be a bit too distinctive for everyday use. If you are in the mood for an e-liquid that is a little off the beaten path, though — especially if you tried Camel Exotic Blends back in the day and liked them — you have to give Halo Tribeca E-liquid a try.

While I was testing Halo Tribeca E-liquid for this review, I performed a fun experiment that I might try again in the future. I asked my wife — who has a highly developed sense of smell — to smell the vapor of this e-liquid and tell me what she thought of. She detected the following scent notes: cigar, chocolate, Sicilian lemon, orange peel, complex wine, lavender, bitter almond, citrus, bourbon vanilla and perfume.

Mister-E-Liquid Pirate’s Bounty

Strength: 18 mg

Size: 15 ml (also available: 6 ml for $3.75, 36 ml for $15.00)

Options: 67% propylene glycol, 33% vegetable glycerin

Pirate’s Bounty is definitely one of the more interesting tobacco e-liquids that I’ve been fortunate enough to add to my collection. When I first opened the bottle to fill a cartomizer, I smelled what I thought was an almost spot-on recreation of pipe tobacco. After I filled the cartomizer and began to use Pirate’s Bounty, though, it seemed to take on a different character and I couldn’t smell the pipe tobacco notes anymore. Regardless of how you may feel about the smell, Pirate’s Bounty tastes nothing like pipe tobacco, which I don’t think is what Mister-E-Liquid was going for with this e-liquid anyway.

Imagine what a tobacco product might taste like if it were mixed with every autumn spice you could think of, and you’ll have an idea of what Pirate’s Bounty tastes like. While most spice/tobacco e-liquids contain peppery, dry notes, Pirate’s Bounty contains smoother notes such as clove, cinnamon and possibly chocolate, wrapped up in a bit of sweetness with moderate throat hit. In spite of the complex combination of flavors, the tobacco flavor note remains detectable without being overpowered.

Mister-E-Liquid’s tobacco e-liquids are some of the most interesting I’ve tried to date. While some companies such as Intellicig and Halo go for realistic representations of popular flavors such as Turkish, Virginia and pipe tobacco, Mister-E-Liquid’s creations sometimes seem like fantasies that could only exist as e-liquids. This results in e-liquids as far-reaching as the sweet but wonderful Grey Matter and the oddly fruity English Meadow. I like Pirate’s Bounty a little less than Grey Matter, but I still recommend it. If you like the idea of a spice/tobacco blend but don’t want anything too peppery or dry, Pirate’s Bounty is an e-liquid worth adding to your shopping cart next time you visit Mister-E-Liquid.

Dark Matter by Exogen Industries


  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Nicotine (If applicable)
  • Sweetener (If applicable)
  • Flavor Extract
A rustic mosaic of honeyed molasses, savory oak, and fig.
  • 75% VG
  • Tobacco
  • Nuts

Price – $21.00

I was already fairly familiar with Dark Matter e-liquid when I subscribe my first bottle from Vape Box Monthly Subscription. I had some Tobacco cartridges for my original Volcano and Magma e-cigs back before Dark Matter switched to pre-filled cartomizers, and I also tried the Tobacco Disposable E-Cig not long ago. However, vaping this e-liquid from the bottle with a low-resistance atomizer is a different experience, and I’m sorry that I didn’t try it sooner.

The first thing that I noticed upon trying Dark Matter e-liquid by Exogen Industries is that it has quite an impressive amount of throat hit. Although it’s a 12 mg e-liquid, it feels more like an 18 mg liquid. Particularly on the exhale, this e-liquid feels a lot like a real cigarette. The e-liquid has a bit of sweetness, but it doesn’t linger on the tongue for long. The primary flavors include tobacco, roasted nuts, black coffee, and possibly a bit of honey and clove. Thanks to the VG/PG mix, this e-liquid also compares favorably to any other in terms of vapor production.

I find that Dark Matter’s Tobacco e-liquid is quite well-balanced; it has a range of sweet and savory flavor notes that stimulate all the areas of the tongue, but it isn’t so sweet that it starts to become annoying at the end of the day like some other e-liquids can. In other words, it has just enough of a distinctive taste to be interesting and set it apart from other tobacco e-liquids while remaining neutral enough to be a good daily vape. For fans of tobacco flavored e-liquids, I would call it a must try this Premium vape juice

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