Vuse ePod 2 Plus Review

This device features access to the Vuse app. This device enhances the vaping experience by allowing Bluetooth connectivity through the power button on the side. The Vuse app unlocks features such as cloud control that allow you to adjust the vapor cloud size to your suitability. The Vuse ePod 2 Plus has a constant 6.5w power output for consistent vaping.


The vape is easy to use and has built-in quiet technology and puff activation. This means that you no longer have to use buttons to activate the device and that your sessions will be much quieter, adding to the device’s discreet nature. Its connectivity to the app allows you to set a recharge reminder and enhances the device’s traceability. The LED indicators are essential in letting you know how much power you have before the battery runs out.

One feature that sets this device apart from the rest is that you can lock it via ‘my vuse app ’ to ensure nobody else uses it. The vape juice capacity is 1.9ml, which is sufficient to go for several days before you need to replace the cartridge. This device is compatible with the Vuse ePod cartridges, which come in multiple flavors to suit your taste preference.


The Vuse ePod 2 Plus device is one of the easiest vapes to operate. It has multiple features that seek to make the vaping experience as seamless as possible. While vaping, ensure that your lips are closed over the pod, such that the device’s tip is inside the mouth. This provides a better experience than having the pod rest directly on the lips. Vuse ePod 2 plus is pocket-sized, lightweight, and designed with simplicity, making it easy to carry around.

Battery capacity

The 350mAh rechargeable battery produces 6.5W of power. It is fast charging with a magnetic charging base. The packaging comes with a  magnetic charger and a user manual.

Price and availability

What are you waiting for? If you like this Vuse, Order online at Hazetown Vapes for $12.22. It comes in five colors; black, pink, rose gold, aqua and blue.

ENVI Boost Strawberry Citrus Ice Disposable Vape Review

Talk of premium disposable vapes online, and you might just be talking about the Envi Boost Strawberry citrus ice disposable vape. This vape is designed to offer comfort, discretion, unmatched performance, and mouthwatering flavors. Below is a review of everything you need to know about the device.

Lightweight, discreet, and comes ready to use

This disposable is one of the most compact and lightweight devices on the market. You can easily fit it in your hand or pocket, making it an ideal choice for people who are always on the go. It comes prefilled with e-liquid and precharged to offer the utmost convenience. You only need to take it out of the package and enjoy the flavors and nicotine fix. The automatic draw activation feature allows you to enjoy the vape without pressing buttons.

5ml e-juice capacity and 900mAh battery

The  Envi Boost Strawberry Citrus Ice disposable vape has an impressive 5ml vape juice capacity and a powerful 900mAh battery. This guarantees you 1500 flavor-filled, vaporful clouds, which will take you a week or more. The e-juice is infused with 20mg of nicotine.

Mouthwatering flavors

The  Envi Boost Strawberry Citrus Ice disposable vape has a tantalizing strawberry and citrus flavor that awakens the taste buds. The perfect blend of sweet and sour notes coupled with the icy finish makes this an all-day, everyday kind of vape. The vape is sold at Hazetown Vapes for $11.40.


The Vuse epod 2 plus device and the Envi Boost Strawberry Citrus Ice disposable vape are great vaping devices that should be among your vape device collection. The devices are packed with outstanding features, and you can get them for under $15, which is a win.