For those seeking for a little touch of sweetness in their tobacco, then you should give the Black Note Sonata a try. This Cavendish tobacco-derived blend is known for its extra sweet flavor, thanks to its different mixtures of sugar, honey, and rum. Let’s see if this unique blend will suit what your taste buds are craving for.

The Black Note Sonata utilizes a fire-cured premium Virginia tobacco that is specially kept to make sure that it produces sophisticated flavor. It looks appealing to smokers and can be compared side by side with cigarette household names like the Natural American Spirit. (See

For previous smokers, this e-liquid brings good old memories back. Its overall flavor has a delicious combination of delicate sweetness, nutty aromas, and dark but warm tobacco. The Black Note Sonata can be strong with a solid throat hit but it is suitable as an all-day vape. Also, although most earthy based flavored e-liquids almost always leave a nasty chemical-like aftertaste, the Sonata by Black Note thankfully produces a pleasant one. You can expect a faint nutty scent, and this will, in fact, make you crave and vape for more.

It has vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 50VG/50PG. It allows the liquid to actually give off intense flavor without losing the strong hit. It will also produce a good amount of vapor.

From the second you begin vaping, it cannot be denied that this has been carefully crafted. A taste of dark tobacco will welcome you first on the inhale. Then a soothing sweetness and eventually a gentle splash of warm tobacco will follow. The Black Note Sonata has one of the strongest hits on the series. But don’t worry, it is not really as overwhelming, but it can be noticeable.

I am actually in love with Black Note’s packaging. It has a classy and elegant cardboard with a worn paper finishing. The label contains important facts about the product, including a brief description of the tobacco blend, its nicotine level, batch number, and the usual warnings and precautions. It also has design elements like the Black Note name and logo, as well as the faux stamp embossed on the cylindrical cardboard tubes.

I particularly like the vintage font, which reminiscent of the early 1900s. By merely looking at the product, you will already know that this product is made with absolute quality in mind.

The glass e-liquid bottle inside the cardboard also bears the same worn paper-style and prints the same amount of information. It comes with a classical medical bottle shape with a black dripper cap. In terms of brand and packaging, Black Note surely tried and invested heavily.

Craving for the Black Note Sonata now? Get your own 30-ml bottle for as low as NZD $37.99 at NZ Ecig Store now. Price can be a bit expensive but I assure you this is totally worth the price. It comes in four nicotine strength levels – 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, and 18 mg. The 12 mg is recommended for ex-smokers, while the 18 mg for heavy ex-smokers.

Actually, a lot of e-liquid firms have been attempting to perfect an authentic tobacco flavor. However, only a few were deemed successful. Black Note, on the other hand, is one of the new e-liquid players to claim that its NET (naturally extracted tobacco) series really captures the essence of tobacco and giving ex-smokers that familiar feeling.

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If you have never tasted Cavendish tobacco before, the Black Note Sonata really captured the best essence of this premium tobacco e-juice. In other words, this is your ultimate chance now. Former smokers will definitely appreciate the work and development this flavor has gone through. Rest assured also that all Black Note products come from the best ingredients and offer some of the finest vaping experiences.

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