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Sour Watermelon Strawberry Iced By Cloud Nurdz Eliquid Review

Giving you a wonderful mix of flavors, Sour Watermelon Strawberry Iced by Cloud Nurdz Eliquid is an extraordinary vape juice. It is a satisfactory blend of various flavors including watermelon and strawberry with a touch of candy and menthol flavor….

DIY: How to Make Your Own E-liquid

The market is full of different e-liquid flavors. There are all types of e-liquids. However, as the saying goes, nothing beats homemade. If you can’t find an e-liquid on the market to satisfy you, you can always go the DIY…

DIY E-Liquid Steeping Guide

There is the old saying that old wine tastes better. The same thing applies to e-liquids. Steeping an e-liquid refers to the process of letting it stand for some time to allow the different ingredients┬áto mix well. Just like wine,…

Apple Iced by Reds Apple Review

Apple Iced by Reds is a mixture of fresh red apples and refreshing menthol flavor. This e-liquid has a rich and well-balanced flavor that will tantalize your taste buds. If you have tried the original Apple by Reds Apple e-juice,…

Mad Melons E-Juice by Drip Line Review

Mad Melons by Drip Line is a sweet and subtle melon e-juice like no other. If you love honeydew melon, you will enjoy this one. Melon is a tricky flavor to recreate in vape liquids, but the mixers at Vape…

Lemon Tart E-Juice by Dinner Lady Review

Lemon Tart was one of the four original e-juice flavors released by Dinner Lady. The e-juice has the taste of a delicious lemon pudding made of lemon curd mixed with smooth meringue flavor and covered with a light pastry crust….