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Cheap E-Juice Blue Razz Pixy E-Liquid Review

Anything that has the word pixie pretty much reminds me of Tinkerbell from Peter Pan. While we will not be flying anytime soon, I hope this Blue Razz Pixy eliquid from Cheap E-Juice will take us to the vapers’ Neverland.

“Blue Razz Pixy by Cheap eJuice is a Blue Raspberry Pixie Candy flavored e-juice that is just like a familiar childhood flavor that we all know and love.”

Believe me, I was scratching my head wondering what these candies really were. But when I Googled it… voila! My eyes were left wide open after seeing that these blue candies were actually one of my childhood favorites!

When I opened the bottle, the scent that comes out from it is the same as the aroma coming out from that bag of candies. The taste is also as good as its scent. You will never miss that raspberry flavor.

Cheap E-Juice has brought something unique to every vaper’s palate with this Blue Razz Pixy blend. It offers a one-of-a-kind taste experience and is very delicious to the mouth. The Raspberry is very prominent on the inhale then the candy pixy dust gives a little twist through the exhale. This truly is a dreamy e-liquid flavor and you just can’t get enough of the taste. What’s more, this does not leave any weird or chemical-like aftertaste in the mouth.

The consistency of the eliquid is thick but not sludgy. And more good news; it will not gunk up your coil or atomizer. Despite vaping the entire morning, I was surprised to see my cotton still looking nice and clean. The Blue Razz Pixy blend has two nicotine levels available – 3 mg and 6 mg. The 3 mg of nicotine version offers a subtle hit, just enough to let you know it’s there. The 6 mg version, on the other hand, is a bit stronger but it is still not harsh on the throat. It can be great for more advanced nicotine vapers who like a good throat hit though. Both levels, however, offer full-on and smooth flavor. It will not cause you any coughing or spluttering like other vape juices with overpowering nicotine content.

Blue Razz Pixy is a blend of 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. It gives off a nice and puffy cloud plus the smell is oh-so delicious. It will literally leave your mouth watering! It runs smooth and pleasant on the throat. You don’t have to worry about nose burning sensation, desert-dry mouth, or dehydrated throat because this leaves a refreshing kind of feeling.

The flavor comes in a neat and clean 120 ml chubby gorilla bottle. It has a narrow drip tip that makes it very easy and convenient to use this juice on the go. The bottle has a child-resistant cap. Although it is recommended to keep this away from children, this will serve as a double safety protection. Prevention is always better than cure. The Blue Razz Pixy bottle is wrapped with a label that summarizes all the information you need to know about the ejuice. It includes brand name, flavor name, manufacturing date, expiration date, nicotine level, and the usual warnings, to name a few.

A 120-mL bottle of this delectable Blue Razz Pixy ejuice only costs $12.99 at Cheap Ejuice’s Candy Flavors collection. At this affordable cost, I do not need to ration myself. It is affordable so I can vape it as much as I want. Trust me, I have tried different kinds of eliquids but Cheap E-Juice’s products are made with quality in mind. Usually, blends as good as this will cost at least three times more. And those that are within this price range are just okay, nothing exemplary.

Cheap E-Juice is an e-liquid maker from Costa Mesa, California. The company aims to offer  consumers top-notch quality vape juices at very affordable prices. It has a wide array of flavor collections to choose from such as desserts, menthols, and fruits. Other than the Blue Razz Pixy flavor, the Blue Razz Taffy, Grape Pixy, Rainbow Pixy, Strawberry Pixy, Strawberry Taffy, and Watermelon Taffy are also included in its candy-flavored collection. Shop ejuices directly on Cheap E-Juice’s website to get the best vape juice deals.