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DIY E-Liquid Steeping Guide

There is the old saying that old wine tastes better. The same thing applies to e-liquids. Steeping an e-liquid refers to the process of letting it stand for some time to allow the different ingredients to mix well. Just like wine, the longer an e-juice is steeped, the better it tastes.

Many e-liquids comes from the factory pre-steeped, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot steep them again – especially if you aren’t satisfied with the taste. Steeping can go a long way to improve the quality and taste of an e-liquid. Steeping is very important when you make your e-juice.

Methods for Steeping E-Liquids

The traditional method of steeping involves letting the e-juice sit in a warm dark place for a certain period. You can let it sit for a single day, and up to weeks. When steeping an e-liquid this way, you need to take off the bottle cap and shake the bottle from time-to-time. Freshly made e-liquids usually have an extra sharp flavor that gradually normalizes as time passes. The general guideline for steeping different e-liquid flavors is:

  • For fruit flavors – at least 1-3 days but no longer than 2 weeks.
  • For tobacco flavors – from 1-4 weeks
  • For custard, cream and bakery flavors – 1-4 weeks.

The recommended period of steeping to notice a significant change in your e-liquid is 2-7 days. However, there isn’t any hard fast rule on how long you should steep an e-liquid. It depends on the flavor. It is recommended that you taste an e-liquid before steeping it. Sometimes, steeping is not necessary.

The only inconvenience of steeping is that you have to let the e-juice sit for some time before you can enjoy its taste. There are many other ways to steep an e-liquid. A quick online search for “how to steep an e-juice” will give you many results. Some of the most popular ways of steeping an e-liquid are:

  • Agitation – The agitation method involves vigorously shaking the e-juice. It works best with e-liquids that have been pre-steeped from the factory. The method allows the ingredients to blend quickly and reduces the steeping time by half. There are many styles of steeping through the agitation method. You can shake the bottle or use a magnetic stirrer or a handheld mixer.
  • Ultrasonic method – This requires the use of an ultrasonic cleaner. When placed in the apparatus, the energy pulse vibrates through the e-liquid speeding up the steeping process.
  • Water Bath – This method involves dunking the e-juice into warm water to allow the molecules to mix quickly. When the water gets cold, all you have to do is to repeat the process until you’re satisfied with the e-juice’s taste.

Why Steep an E-Juice

E-liquids are made with different ingredients. The primary ingredients are vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), nicotine, and flavoring.  Some e-liquids also contain distilled water or alcohol.  Steeping allows the different ingredients to combine well together. It is necessary to keep the bottle cap open when steeping to allow oxidation of the ingredients to take place. During this process, the volatile components evaporate, and this changes the taste of the e-juice.

Steeping is most important when dealing with a freshly mixed e-juice. E-liquids are not all similar. You’re the only person who can determine how long you need to steep an e-liquid.


When steeping, it is important to keep the e-juice bottle in a dark place away from direct sunlight. Also, it is important to remember to have patience.

You can determine if the e-juice is ready by checking it at frequent intervals. One way to tell that an e-liquid has had enough time to steep is that it will get a dark amber color.