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Drip Bar Disposable Flavor Review

The Drip Bar is one of those disposable vape devices with a long lineup of vape juice flavor profiles that makes vaping never seem like a chore. There is always something to try, and we will be looking at some of those incredible vape juice flavors in this article, but first, a little on the actual device.

At first glance, there really is nothing that separates this device from many other disposable vape pens, especially in terms of its design. But like they say, why fix something if it isn’t broken? This is definitely a style that works in terms of being simple, compact, comfortable, and, lastly, beautiful. 

From the look of things, the Drip Bar Disposable must have been designed so you can have a lot of them on hand since it offers 400 puffs per unit. This just means the manufacturers wanted us to focus more on the various flavors it comes in.

Features and Specifications

  • 400~ Puffs Before Disposal
  • Draw Activated Firing Mechanism
  • Disposable Device
  • 5% Nicotine Strength

Design and Build

Laying on the foundations, we have already begun to build; the Drip Bar Disposable is pretty sleek, and compact doesn’t really cut it. It is a rectangular-shaped device with neatly rounded off edges that makes it feel comfortable in your hand. It sports a uniform color from the base all the way to the mouthpiece, with the mouthpiece sporting a different color – black. The body of the device has a nice shiny feel that really allows the color to pop.

The mouthpiece that sits at the top of the battery section features a slightly dick-billed shape that feels comfortable on the lips. Vaping with this device feels very natural, especially since it also uses a daw-activated firing mechanism.

The device sports an integrated 280mAh battery and a 1.6ml prefilled e-juice pod that gives it all together up to 400 puffs. Although, you should know that this depends on how long a puff you take on each draw. 

Flavor Review

Now it’s time for the moment of truth. According to the manufacturers, the Drip Bar Disposables offer incredible flavors ranging from menthol blends to non-menthol blends that would leave your taste buds craving yet another puff. Here are some of the vape flavors we will be reviewing in this article:

  • Banana Ice: Starting off with simple blends, this banana ice vape juice makes a great way to kick off your day. On the inhale, you are rewarded with the taste of ripe bananas that almost tastes like banana candy. On the exhale, all that icy menthol finally comes to play, leaving your taste buds feeling refreshed.
  • Peach Ice: Similar to the banana in its name and also in the overall experience. Rather than bananas’ this vape juice flavor infuses succulent peaches with a generous serving of menthol to leave you refreshed. 
  • Cotton Clouds: Otherwise called cotton candy since that is just what it tastes like. Every inhale sends you spiraling in a fun carnival experience with the sweet blue raspberry flavor that caresses your tongue. When you exhale, the blue raspberry is complemented with a strawberry cotton candy flavor that is, in short, impressive. Did I mention this is a top seller at West Coast Vape Supply? It’s no wonder why.
  • Watermelon Peaches: Are you also a fan of juicy watermelons? Drip Bar did a good job replicating that flavor and even combining it with exquisite peach rings to really make the experience pop.


While we cannot possibly review every single one of the flavors available with the Drip Bar Disposable, it is safe to say that the manufacturers did a good job. It is definitely one you would want to give a try, and you can get a unit for yourself at westcoastvapesupply.com.