As the vaping industry grows competition among vaping brands has also stiffened. There is a growing struggle to grab the attention of vaping enthusiasts. And the online market is arguably the biggest stage of this ongoing advertising battle.

As you know, numerous stores specialize in selling vaping products online. And every store offers unique flavors and pricing. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) and other online marketing techniques come into play. The good thing is, you don’t have to be an expert in online marketing strategies to enjoy its benefits. You can simply hire professionals versed in marketing vaping products online. Although many companies offer these services, Ecig Media is arguably the best.

Ecig Media is a US-based online company offering digital advertising and marketing services for vaping brands. This company, which has been operational since 2008, offers high-quality SEO content writing services. Ecig Media also offers review writing services. Ecig Media has a team of writers with years of experience in writing high-quality, fluff-free content. You can choose to have back links inserted into posts about your product. These backlinks will lead back to your page. Although many stores are offering similar services, Ecig Media has been able to thrive thanks to the quality of its services.

One of the main differences between Ecig Media and other online marketing platforms is that the fact that the former knows what works in the vaping industry. Ecig Media has generated more than $10 million dollars worth of sales via its websites. The Ecig Media marketplace also offers publishing services on its numerous websites. This company has some of the most popular vaping websites on the internet. Choosing to work with Ecig Media means your product will receive high-quality traffic from real vaping enthusiasts. With this company, your products get access to over 200 million impressions every month.

Ecig Media offers quick and lasting marketing solutions for your products and services. This company makes it easy to manage all your marketing and promotional campaigns.

Ultimate 50 Review Package

Ecig Media offers a deal where you can get 50 excellently written posts about your product or company. These reviews will be posted on 50 of the most popular vaping-related online platforms. Each post would include links to your brand and products. Your products would receive about 100 back links from this deal. The 50 package deal costs $1500.

Premium 25 Review Package

For $1000, Ecig Media is offering 25 vaping guest posts for your brands and products. This package includes 25 high-quality SEO articles written by experienced reviewers. And each post will include 50 back links of your brand. You get to choose the two links to be included in each post. These links would not appear forced so customers are organically lead to your products. The 25 articles in the Ecig Media deal would have a word count of between 600-700 words.

Basic 10 Package

This package will get your brand reviewed on 10 vaping platforms with high traffic. These 10 SEO articles will include 20 backlinks with 2 per post. The reviews in this post will cost would have a word count of 700 – 1000 words. The Ecig Media Basic 10 package costs $500.

Starter Package

The Ecig Media starter package offers 5 excellently written reviews for your products and services. This package also offers 10 permanent backlinks that you choose. These deals also include a word count of 700-1000 words per review. The starter package costs only $300.

The process of developing and publishing content for each Ecig Media package would take about 15 days. You will receive a message containing all the URLs from your product reviews once your campaign is completed. Visit the Ecig Media marketplace for more information.