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Eleaf iStick Pico Dual Review

The iStick and Pico are combined in the Eleaf iStick Pico Dual. This device has a dual battery power that is great for vaping all day. This is another product of Eleaf that is one of the best mods on the market today. You can check this out and learn about it at the Vapebox website.

Design and Build Quality

The device is a new one and once you hold it, you will notice that it is lightweight. The finish feels good in your hands and it has a very impressive design. The iStick Pico Dual has a spring loaded 510 connections. It has this protruding block design t its upper surface which can be found on the prior Picos. This time around, the device has a dual carriage.

If you look closely at the mod, you will notice that it has a zinc alloy finish that is very attractive. You are sure that this device will not scratch or wear. The battery door is hinged and is located at the bottom of the mod. You are sure that the battery door is securely attached and will not open easily. There are two snug ventilation holes inside and one separate. The cool thing is the device features the in-series chambers that are easy to slip in two 18650 batteries. The plus and minus labels are clear that it is easy to position the batteries in place.

It is easy to locate the device’s fire button. The great thing is this fire button is easy to click on and is really responsive. The LED display is very clear that you are able to see the labels right away. Right below the LED display is the charging port. You also can see hidden adjustment buttons located on the underside of the mod. You will see the plus and minus buttons that are used to scroll through the menu system. You are able to change the settings of the mod using these buttons.

You really will want this mod as your Vape Starter Kit. The good thing is the batteries will be in place because the hinged battery door closes snug. It is easy to fire up the device since you just have to click the fire button five times and you can vape all you want.

Features and Specs for iStick Pico Dual Mod

The dimensions of the Eleaf iStick Pico dual is 2-15/16” by 1-15/16” by 1-11/16”. It features the 510 threading connection and the mod comfortably fits a 25mm or any other smaller tanks. The operating wattage of this device is 1-200W. This works well with Nickel 200, titanium, and Stainless steel, the temperature control can be between 200-600 degrees Fahrenheit.

You are able to set the coil resistance depending on the device’s mode. If you use it on a Bypass Mode, the resistance of its coil can be set at 0.1-3.5 ohm. If used in a temperature control mode, the coil resistance can be at 0.05-1.5 ohm. You are able to clearly see its labels because of the device’s OLED display. The device features the new power bank and the preheat functionality.

The Eleaf iStick Pico Dual features the reverse charging and it has an adapter used to recharge any USB devices. The heat dissipation of this mod has been improved because of the ventilation holes. You can use the hidden adjustment buttons of this device which are located at the bottom. What’s cool is the device features the new balanced trickle charge system and is firmware upgradeable.

You need to use two high amp 18650 batteries for this mod. These batteries are not included in the package so you need to purchase these separately. You also will get the micro USB charging port and a micro USB cable for the mod. If you want to charge the batteries faster, you can use an external charger for that.


This mod is very powerful and it is the best that you can find on the market today. Beginners and advanced vapers can actually use this mod since it is easy to operate and is very powerful. You will want this mod to be in your Vape Starter Kit and this is really handy. The device’s finish looks good and it feels good in your hands. You definitely will want to get one. The great thing is this device can easily be purchased at the Vapebox website for only $55.00