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Five Pawns Flavors Review

Founded by Rodney Jerabek in November 2012,  Five Pawns has branded itself as one of the most prominent artisanal blends in the e-juice industry. It has taken lead in the competition the way no other product has managed to. The main idea behind Five Pawns is similar to that of an extremely high-quality brewery. While getting a Five Pawns package, you will notice that it is not just a product, but something elegantly designed that speaks its own individuality.

Five Pawn is no ordinary juice. Every flavor of Five Pawns e-liquid has its own distinction – the blends are broken down to taste, smell, appearance and the overall flavor of the juice.


  • Safe and elegant packaging with numerical values, batches, warning and usage instructions
  • Rich and complex flavors, yet satisfying for all type of taste buds
  • Five nicotine concentrations, but never overpowering
  • Unique and wide flavor options


Five Pawns best e-liquid signifies its presence with the following flavors:

* Grandmaster      * Gambit

* Queenside          * Bowden’s Mate

* Absolute Pin      * Castle Long

* Lucena                * Sixty-Four

* Fifth Rank          * Perpetual Check


Looks matter the most and Five Pawns wins the hearts there. As mentioned earlier, Five Pawns have the unique packaging. Each bottle comes packed in a cardboard tube. The tube is capped with a thick black colored top. The tubes have their brandings numbers, date of juice bottled on and the nicotine strength labeled on them. Inside the package comes the real deal – the glass.   The 30ml glass comes with a nipple-top dripper which is encased in a glass pipette.

Breaking the traditional nipple-top dripper, Five Pawns went out of the box and launched a child-safety nipple top dripper from their Mixology Edition. Conclusively, Five Pawns by far seem to be the only vendor keeping safety in mind while using such caps. The bottle labeling the tube and the glass are similar to one another. The one significant difference is that every bottle is numbered individually – from either 1 to 500 or 1 to 250; depending on what ration they are made up of. When you see the bottle, you will feel an old-time rustic feel due to the branding made of the bottles.

Mixing Options

As every flavor holds its complexity, the Five Pawns manages to mix 50-50 PG/VG ratio of their e-liquid. Nonetheless, all your desired flavors are available by your choice of the nicotine strength. They range from 0mg to 24mg, in six increments (0, 6, 12, 18 and 24). The best of all is said to be the mixture of 6mg/ml of nicotine with any flavor you wish to have.


Overall, Five Pawns has created a legacy which only a few can do in this type of industry. The near-perfect blend along with a huge range of flavors that create a rhythmic mix is an extremely unique. Not only this, but they also have the ability to lift the best e-juice flavors which people tend not to enjoy on normal situations, creating a savory mouth-watering experience for the lovers.