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Herbal Fracture CBD Tincture Review

CBD is gaining popularity, thanks to the long list of medicinal benefits this cannabis-derived compound offers.

Generally, I use CBD to help me get to sleep. I always have difficulty sleeping at night because I have migraine attacks. I used to take medications, but I noticed it wasn’t good for me anymore as I needed higher doses. I wanted to find an alternative and my friend introduced me to CBD tinctures from Herbal Fracture.

What is interesting is that not all CBD tinctures can be vaped, but Herbal Fracture can be taken as vape oil. To help you sleep, I recommend you use this a few minutes before bedtime. And if you want a stress-buster, you can also take this during the day.

What is a CBD tincture?

Obviously, a tincture is a CBD-rich liquid that is made using the same process as crafting herbal tinctures. Here, the part of the hemp plant with the highest cannabinoid content is immersed in high-proof alcohol. Wait… alcohol? Yes, this highly concentrated CBD liquid may have an alcohol base, but they do not have intoxicating effects. Besides, you only need a small amount of dose to use this.

How to use CBD tinctures?

Of the different kinds of CBD products, tinctures are probably one of the most versatile. There are various ways you can use a tincture, but the most effective is applying it sublingually.

To do it, simply use the dropper to collect the tincture. Then place enough drops underneath your tongue – 3 to 5 drops. Allow the liquid to sit there for 30 to 90 seconds before swallowing the rest. If the sublingual route is not your thing, you can opt to mix it in your food or drinks.

How long will it take for me to feel its effect?

We all want to know how long we need to wait to experience its effect. That is pretty understandable, of course. For me, the relieving effect of CBD tinctures usually kicks in after around 5 to 10 minutes when taken sublingually, depending on the severity of my migraine. But do know that we are all unique and our body will respond to tinctures differently. Others said it takes up to 45 minutes before they can feel the effect and it lasts for a few hours.

Now, the benefits may take longer if the tincture is ingested with your food and water since it has to pass the digestive system. While I personally have not tried ingesting it, many people said they can feel relief after 2 to 3 hours after.

Where can I buy a legit CBD tincture?

Although it is increasing in popularity, the CBD market is still unregulated. With many companies and CBD makers joining the bandwagon, it is hard to know who to trust.

Ever since I began my CBD journey, Herbal Fracture is one of the names I can confidently recommend. This is because I am assured that the brand can deliver what is expected from a CBD tincture. Herbal Fracture’s CBD tincture is made from high-quality ingredients, including medium-chain triglyceride and full spectrum CO2 CBD extract.

Herbal Fracture’s CBD tinctures come in different strength and flavors. You can grab a 60-mL bottle of 1200mg Full Spectrum CO2 tincture in natural flavor for $69.99 only; spearmint and coffee flavors cost $74.99. A bottle of 600mg full spectrum CO2 tincture is also up for grabs at $39.99; coffee and spearmint flavors cost $44.99. Visit herbalfracture.com to order.


Overall, Herbal Fracture is a brand that you can trust. I have been in this industry for quite some time, and trust me, brand and quality matter the most. Buying low-quality CBD is just a waste of money.