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Herbva Viva by Airistech Review

Dry-herb vaporizers have become popular in recent years. Although there are many dry-herb vaporizers on the market, a large percent of them are not of premium quality. If you want to enjoy dry herb vaporizers, then you need something produced with high-quality materials by people who know what they are doing. Herbva Viva by Airistech is one of the best dry-herb pens on the market. Herbva Viva is an improved model of the Airistech Viva Dry-Herb Pen which is their original product. This dry-herb pen is better than the Viva Dry-Herb Pen in all aspects. Herbva Viva by Airistech offers more durability. The airflow that Herbva Viva is produced to have better airflow.

Herbva Viva by Airistech is produced with high-quality materials that make it one of the best online. This dry herb vaporizer is produced with a ceramic chamber that works by baking the dry herb. Herbva Viva bakes the herb to vaporize the active ingredients of the plant-based material without burning it. The ceramic chamber in Herbva Viva can contain a sizeable amount to herbs. This dry-herb vaporizer chamber can hold up to 0.5g of dried herb matter. The chamber of Herbva Viva is ideal for long sessions.

Herbva Viva by Airistech comes with an OLED screen that helps to display the Oven Temp, and Baking Stage clearly. You can also see the level of the battery via the OLED screen. Herbva Viva is easy to use, and you control the degree by the Temperature Control. Herbva Viva also has a cool function that remembers the last baking temperature that you used. The Memory Function of this dry-herb vaporizer is impressive. Herbva Viva by Airistech also has a large battery that will allow you to use it for a long time. Herbva Viva comes with a 2200mAh built-in battery.

Herbva Viva by Airistech is easy to use and has five main clicks. The five clicks that you can control this dry-herb vaporizer are straightforward. You can put Herbva Viva on, wait for it to get warm, and then inhale. This Airistech product does not have any firing buttons, and you do not have to turn it off after you are done. Herbva Viva turns off by itself.

Herbva Viva by Airistech has different specs that makes it different from other dry-herb vaporizers on the market. This product comes with a temperature range of 300- 435 F. Herbva Viva takes less than 60 seconds to get heated. Herbva Viva can be charged via a micro USP port. The OLED screen has the size of 5 x 1 x 1 inches.

Herbva Viva by Airistech can be bought for affordable rates. This dry-herb vaporizer can be bought via the Atomic Dog Vapor online shop for $49.99. Atomic Dog Vapor has a reputation for its fast delivery and excellent customer service. With Atomic Dog Vapor you can expect you Herbva Viva dry herb vaporizer to arrive on time.