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Home Mushroom Growing Kit By Superstrain Review

Having to go to the supermarket every time you want mushrooms can be a hassle. However, being able to culture your edible fungus at home would make life more convenient. Many mushroom-growing kits have been introduced into the market, and with a vast amount out there, it could be hard to choose the right one for your own needs. The Shrums Mushroom Growing Kit by Supertrain makes life easier with the unique technology that promotes mushroom growth, and at a very attractive price as well.


  • Blue Spectrum 3-Diode LED Battery Light
  • 110V 900 Lumen Plug-In 36-Diode HP LED Grow Light with Dual Spectrum Technology and Adapter
  • Alcohol swabs are included for sterilization.
  • It comes with hospital-grade latex gloves.
  • contains essential items needed to grow edible and exotic mushroom species.
  • Substrate Jars, 6 1/2-Pint (Pressure-Sterilized and Ready-To-Grow)
  • Thermometer for Growth and Incubation Chambers
  • Hygrometer/Humidity Gauge
  • Step-by-Step Growing Instructions in an Easy-to-Follow Guide


Shrum, Superstrain’s mushroom growing kit, provides the optimal environment for you to develop your own mushrooms at home.

This “little farm” produces a delicious, fast-growing mushroom species that can survive under little supervision and yet deliver decent results.

They are tropical plants that flourish in warmer areas (or in your house!). They can, however, survive a wide temperature range.

The Mushroom Growing Kit is an ideal home mushroom growing kit solution because it includes all of the necessary equipment and ingredients for the home grower!

These create tasty fronds of mushrooms that crisp up in a skillet. The package itself is comparatively small, with the fruiting jar weighing only a few ounces. Although the kit stresses the convenience of use and a seamless experience of the process of growing mushrooms, you should not anticipate a meager yield because of its six and a half pints of the substrate. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

This is due to their substrate’s rich combination, which stimulates fruiting body growth and productivity.

The harvest speed is astonishing. Your kit should start blooming six to ten days after activation. After that, it usually only takes 4-5 days for your mushroom kit to produce its first full flush. Harvesting should be possible throughout the first two weeks.

This kit uses PF-style substrate jars and hand-selected ingredients to ensure that your growth is significantly quicker, a lot bigger, and develops far faster than any other online kit.

About manufacturer

Superstrain is a well-known veteran brand in the CBD sector, but this is their first venture into the mushroom world. Superstrain takes pride in providing high-quality hemp-related products made from high-quality components. As manufacturers, they verify that all things meet quality assurance standards. Trust that they will equally handle mushroom-growing kits the same. They’ve picked a unique mushroom combination rich in polysaccharides and triterpenes. The mushrooms contain a high concentration of the polysaccharide beta-glucan, which has been shown to improve immune response and provide other significant health benefits.

Pricing and Availability

Check out this product on their official website, Superstrain. The kit is a budget buy, and, in addition to the frequent sales that happen on their website, you could get it for an amazing steal of a price.