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How can I get information on smokeless cigarettes?

One question that might sound odd to you is where can I get information on smokeless cigarettes?no-puffin-please What makes this so weird is the words “smokeless cigarettes”. Is there such a thing and if there is how can a cigarette be smokeless right? Well needless to say, this is where technology comes in and has developed a new smoking alternative and they are called E cigarettes. Here is so more information on smokeless cigarettes.

Smokeless cigarettes look and taste like real tobacco cigarettes but are different in many ways. Just like their name suggests, these smokeless cigarettes can give you all of the pleasures of smoking but without having to inhale any smoke. That’s right, instead of breathing in deadly smoke and other chemicals. The smoker will inhale nicotine water vapor. Here is how these smokeless cigarettes work.

The smokeless cigarette has 2 main parts, a battery and a liquid nicotine cartridge that has a built in atomizer in it. When the smoker puffs on the electric cigarette, the battery sends an electrical charge to the atomizer inside of the liquid nicotine filled cartridge. The atomizer then heats up the liquid nicotine and turns it into nicotine water vapor. The smoker inhales nicotine water vapor rather than smoke and exhales a cloud of water vapor. Since the electronic cigarette is battery powered there is no need to light up. There is also no burning of tobacco which then means that there is no smoke let alone any smell of tobacco or any worries of second hand smoke. This is why the E cigarettes are also known as smokeless cigarettes.

So the next time someone asks you if there is such a thing as smokeless cigarettes you can look at them right in the eye and tell them yes there is and here is how the electronic cigarette works. There are so many other benefits to using these smokeless cigarettes but I would be writing all day. At least now you know how beneficial these smokeless cigarettes are and why many other people are starting to switch from smoking tobacco cigarettes and starting to enjoy the electronic cigarette as their alternative to smoking.