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How Strong Nicotine – Is?

There are 2 different strengths you will need to know before you use nicotine in your electronic cigarette e-liquids. The first strength is the one that you purchase, the second strength is the one you will vape.

The first nicotine strength is the one you purchase and you must understand the risks involved in using liquid nicotine. Before we go any further though, I’d like to say that the maximum strength you would ever use, is 100mg/ml. Do not go any higher than 100mg/ml in strength. There is no need to and once you go over 100mg/ml you are increasing your risks 10 fold.

First you need to work out what strength of nicotine you require. A general rule is, whatever mg strength you smoked in a tobacco cigarette, add 4mg to it and this should be a good starting point to finding your nicotine strength. So for example, if you smoked 8mg cigarettes, then adding 4mg to give a 12mg e-liquid strength. If you find that you are happy with 12mg, then you could go ahead and purchase 24mg strength nicotine.

The reason you get double the strength of nicotine than you would vape, is because once you add the flavour and nicotine together, the nicotine strength will halve due to the additional liquid being added.

So, you take an empty 10ml bottle, place the 5ml of flavoured e-liquid in it, then take 5ml of your 24mg/ml nicotine and place that in there too. Once you have done that, put the cap back on tight, and give it a good shake. That’s it, you just created your first e-liquid with nicotine ready to vape e-juice.

If you still get cravings for a cigarette, then you will need to increase the strength. To do this, just increase the strength of nicotine by 1mg and test until the cravings go away. If at anytime you experience any nausea, headaches, sweating, or in general just don’t feel right within yourself, this means you have gone too high in your nicotine strength and your body is unable to process it fast enough. You should stop vaping for about 30 minutes to allow your body to process the nicotine. You will then need to decrease your nicotine before trying again.

So to recap, the nicotine strength you purchase should be no higher than double that of the nicotine strength you vape. You vape 16mg, then you purchase 32mg nicotine. You vape 12mg, you purchase 24mg, and so on.