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How to Check an Electronic Cigarette Battery

The electronic cigarette is such a great new invention that is helping smokers get away from the man smoking harmful effects of smoking tobacco cigarettes, no wonder why it is becoming so popular. Since the electronic cigarette runs on a battery you will need to know how to check an electronic cigarette battery and make sure you are getting the most out.

Depending on which type of battery you have will determine how many puffs you will get out of it. Most of the batteries will be in the range of 100 -250 puffs before you have to recharge the battery. Some give you more puffs and some less. One way to determine if you need to check the battery is when you puff on the electronic cigarette and not a lot of water vapor comes out when you exhale. The weaker the battery the less vapor you will exhale.

Another way to check the battery is when you use the electric cigarette many times you will notice the L.E.D light at the tip start to blink. Some E cigarettes will blink 10 times and other E cigarettes will blink 20 times. Determining on the number of times the light blinks will inform you that your battery is ready for a charge.

Since these E cigarettes don’t need a lighter for you to smoke them they do need a fully charged battery and now that you know how to check an electronic cigarette battery you will now enjoy your electric cigarette more and have a much better experience using it.