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How to Get the Right Raw Ingredients

Every e-liquid flavour is made up of one or more raw ingredients.

Raw ingredients are blended together to give a near representation of a particular flavour taste or smell. Generally 1ml of raw ingredients can increase 10 or more times its original volume, so only a small amount is needed for testing.

Raw ingredients are used by the more advanced user of electronic cigarettes, however with the more advanced user, they prefer to state they use a personal vaporiser, rather than an electronic cigarette.

Advanced areas of using raw ingredients is to accentuate a particular note within the flavour. For example you could use a strawberry ketone to increase the prominence of the strawberry in a strawberry cocktail flavour.

Using raw ingredients opens up of whole new world of flavours, flavours that will be suited to your own personal taste. The most amazing part, this flavour you create, is totally and completely original, there is no other flavour like it in the world.

If you are comfortable with working at the molecule level, then you will have to eventually give this a try.

Use raw ingredients to accentuate a particular note within a flavour, or create a whole new one from scratch, it’s your choice, it’s a lot of fun to create a whole new taste you can share with your friends or others from around the world at E-Juice Recipes.