Flavour Pairing – A Few Ideas

When it comes to blending flavours, many of us have no idea where to start. So I have decided to release a few pairings I have always worked with when trying to get something going. Hopefully these will help you too.

FlavourPairs Well With
Almondapple, apricot, banana, caramel, cherry, coffee, fig, honey, orange, peach, pear, plum
Applecaramel, chestnut, cinnamon, cranberry, ginger, hazelnut, mango, maple, walnut
Apricotalmond, black pepper, caramel, ginger, hazelnut, honey, orange, peach, vanilla, plum
Bananacaramel, cherry, chocolate, cinnamon, coffee, ginger, hazelnut, honey, mango, molasses, papaya
Blackberryapricot, black pepper, cinnamon, citrus, hazelnut, lemon, other berries, peach, plum
Blueberryother berries, mango, lemon, hazelnut, ginger, fig, other citrus
Cherryapricot, black pepper, chocolate, citrus, nectarine, peach, plum, vanilla
Coconutbanana, caramel, chocolate, citrus, pineapple, other tropical fruits
Figalmond, black pepper, cinnamon, citrus, hazelnut, pear, vanilla
Gingeralmond, apple, apricot, banana, berries, caramel, chocolate, citrus, coconut, grape, hazelnut, passion fruit, peach, pear, pineapple, plum, tropical fruit
Grapechocolate, citrus, ginger, raisin
Grapefruitblack pepper, caramel, citrus, mint, tropical fruit, vanilla
Hazelnutapple, apricot, banana, berries, caramel, cherry, chocolate, citrus, fig, mandarin, peach, pear, plum
Kiwi Fruitapple, banana, berries, cherry, citrus, coconut, mango, tropical fruit
Lemonapricot, berries, black pepper, cherry, citrus, ginger, nectarine, peach, plum, tropical fruit
Limeapple, berries, cherry, ginger, papaya, plum, strawberry, tropical fruit
Mandarincherry, chocolate, cinnamon, coffee, fig, ginger, tropical fruits, vanilla, star anise
Mangoapple, banana, berries, caramel, citrus, coconut, melon, tropical fruits, vanilla, cinnamon
Melonberries, citrus, lemon
Orangealmonds, berries, brandy, cherry, chocolate, cinnamon, coffee, cranberry, fig, ginger, grape, hazelnut, mint, pineapple, vanilla
Papayacitrus, black pepper, lime, mango, tropical fruit
Pearalmond, apple, caramel, chestnut, chocolate, cinnamon, citrus, ginger, hazelnut, vanilla, walnut
Pineapplecaramel, coconut, tropical fruit
Plumalmond, cinnamon, citrus, black pepper, hazelnut, honey, vanilla
Pomegranateapple, citrus, cucumber, mint, tropical fruit
Raspberryapple, apricot, cinnamon, citrus, ginger, lemon, nectarine, other berries, peach, plum, vanilla
Strawberryapple, black pepper, chocolate, citrus, mint, vanilla
Walnutapple, apricot, banana, caramel, chocolate, cinnamon, nectarine, peach, pear, plum, rum

Hopefully this will get you started on a few amazing recipes of your own. If you have one of your own that you would like to add, please let us know and we will add it for you.