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How To Quit Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes

One of the most common questions people ask is how to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes and this is a crucial question at that. There are many smokers out there that have tried to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes but have failed at one time or another. Some smokers get lucky and quit cold turkey which is very rare. Then there are smokers who quit for a couple for weeks then start back up again. Most smokers don’t have a way to tone down their nicotine cravings which is why they can’t quit but now the electric cigarette is giving them an answer of how to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes.

E Cigarettes

The electronic cigarette or electric cigarette is a new alternative smoking device that provides smokers with the look, taste and feel of smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette but without all of the negative side effects that come with tobacco smoking such as carbon monoxide, tar, poisons and carcinogens. I know what you are saying, how does this electric cigarette work right?

Well here is a brief description.

The electric cigarette is battery powered. The battery looks like the stem of a traditional cigarette. Then there is an electronic cigarette refill which holds liquid nicotine and has a built in atomizer. The battery sends electricity to the atomizer and then the atomizer vaporizes the liquid nicotine into water vapor. The smoker inhales nicotine water vapor rather than smoke and exhales water vapor as well. This is a serious advantage because unlike tobacco cigarettes, there is no smoke or chemicals that will harm the smokers lungs.

Smokers can choose between a variety of different flavors and nicotine strength for the refills. The strength of the nicotine cartridges range from 0mg to 16mg. Smokers can start off with the highest level of nicotine which is 16mg and slowly work their way down to 0 mg. This process doesn’t happen over night but it will happen because when the smoker has the urge to smoke, they will be able to puff on the electric cigarette and get their dose of nicotine to cure their cravings. Then once they find themselves using the 0mg cartridge they are basically smoking and find that the nicotine urges have been put to rest. This is how to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes with a little bit of help from the electronic cigarette.