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How to Steeping E-Liquid

If you have been using an electronic cigarette for a bit of time you may have come across the term ‘steeping’. Steeping your e-liquid is required for some juices and recommended for all juices. This process allows all the ingredients to blend together.

Steeping is the process of allowing your e-liquid to age over time. Most e-liquid should age for at least 1 week.

The reason we allow our e-liquid to steep over time is to increase the flavour and taste. An e-liquid that might taste disgusting at first, can turn into a really tasty flavour in a week or 2, so do not throw away any liquids if it is not to your taste.

Some flavours, depending on their complexity, can take as much as a month or more to age, so do not ever throw juice away!

Manual Steeping Process

After you have mixed up your e-liquid, you should shake it for about 10-15 minutes and allow to sit for a couple of days in a dry, dark cupboard.

Every couple of days you should take the cap off your bottle and allow to sit for about an hour. After an hour place the cap back on and shake for another 10 minutes.

You should do this process for as long as you feel your e-liquid requires it.

Semi-Automatic Process

If you are like me and don’t like waiting, then I have a great tip for you that will help speed up the process. I use an ultrasonic cleaner to speed up my steeping times by at least 1 week.

You will want to get the commercial type and not the home user type of ultrasonic cleaner. The type you want is one that allows you to set the timer for at least 2 hours at a time, and has a built in hot bath that allows the temperature to be set to at least 65 degrees Celsius.

You can get these off eBay for around $100.

An ultrasonic cleaner vibrates the water at a certain frequency, this vibrating effect is similar to shaking your e-liquid, the built in heater is used to heat the water which also heats up your e-liquid and helps the liquids become more fluid allowing all ingredients to blend with each other faster.

All you have to do once you have mixed your e-liquid, is place the bottle (with cap on) into the basin within the ultrasonic cleaner and set the timer for about 2-4 hours with a temperature of 65 degrees.

After 2 hours you should test vape your e-liquid for reference. Try it again after another 2 hours.

Once you have given your e-liquid a good ultrasonic shake, you should then revert to the manual process for a week. Then again back to the semi-auto process for a further week.

Each time you do something with your e-liquid, you should also test vape it for reference. That way if you over steep your juice, you have something to refer back on and try again.