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Lava Flow by Naked 100 Review

Naked 100’s Lava Flow e-juice is a delicious mixture of strawberry, coconut, and pineapple flavor. If you love fruity vapes, you will not be disappointed by Lava Flow.

When you open a bottle of Lava Flow by Naked 100, the strawberry is the most prominent flavor. The pineapple is in the background while the strawberry comes off strong. There is also coconut flavor in the blend, but it is so subtle and is almost impossible to taste it. The strawberry and pineapple flavor dominates the inhale. The coconut flavor only comes to life when you exhale. This e-liquid is not too sweet. You will enjoy vaping it even if you do not like sweet vapes. Lava Flow e-juice has a pleasant and long-lasting aftertaste that will have you going back for more hits.

Naked Lava Flow comes with different nicotine concentration levels. This e-liquid is available with 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, or 12mg of nicotine. You get a smooth and flowing throat hit with every puff you get from this Naked 100 e-juice.

Like other e-liquids in the Naked 100 line, Lava Flow has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 70vg/30pg. It has a medium thickness level, so you can either vape it from an RDA or a tank without any issues. The taste of this e-liquid does not change very much when you vape it from an RDA or a tank. The taste is not also too different when you vape it at high and low wattage. The vapor production of Lava Flow is what you expect from a 70vg blend. You will get lots of big clouds from vaping this e-liquid.

Naked 100’s Lava Flow comes in a 60ml bottle. The e-liquid is packaged in a standard glass bottle with a simple white label. There is a dripper on the bottle, so you will not have any problems transferring the e-juice from the bottle to your tank or RTA. Lava Flow is a premium e-liquid, but it is not too expensive. You can get a 60ml bottle of this Naked 100 blend from the West Coast Vape Supply online store for only $12.99.

Lava Flow e-liquid by Naked 100 is manufactured by The Schwartz E-Liquid. This company, which is based in Signal Hill, California, has many e-liquid flavors on the market.  Some of the other popular e-liquids under the Naked 100 line are Verry Berry, Amazing Mango, Yummy Gum, Sour Sweet, menthol Brain Freeze, Very Cool Menthol, and Menthol Frost Bite.