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Orion DNA GO Mod by Lost Vape Review
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Orion DNA GO Mod by Lost Vape Review

The Orion DNA GO Mod by Lost Vape is powered by the DNA Go Chip from Evolv. It allows you to easily tweak the device to get your ideal vaping experience. Lost Vape is a brand well-known for stylish and high-performing mods. Lost Vape joined the market in 2014 and shave made a name by stepping beyond the boundaries with innovation and aesthetics. The Orion DNA GO Mod may not be among the cheap vape mods on the market, but just wait until you get a load of what the device can do.

Orion DNA GO Design and Build

The Orion DNA GO Mod by Lost Vape measures 93mm x 37mm x 13.5mm making it compact enough to fit comfortably in your palm. The device is a mini box mod with carbon fibre panelling on both the front and back. It is the first pod system to utilize a DNA chipset. 

On one side of the device, you will find a cartridge lock for the Orion DNA GO pods. Below the lock is the firing button that uses a simple push-to-fire mechanism. The fire button is quite sturdy and needs just a slight amount of pressure to fire. Below the fire-button is the LED indicator that also shows you your battery status, your current setting, and illuminates while you vape. Below the LED is an adjustment button.

The mouthpiece of the Orion DNA GO has a big diameter that allows for good airflow. Underneath the mouthpiece of the Orion DNA GO is a simple slot-style airflow control with an outer ridge ring that rotates so you can open up or close off the two small airflow slots according to your preference. This adds a bit of flexibility to the type of draw you get from the device.Orion DNA GO Mod by Lost Vape Review

The device sports a generous 950mAh rechargeable battery that boasts of about 450 puffs per charge. The device has a maximum power output of 40W that is just enough to satisfy for vaping needs, and unless you are a heavy vaper, you may not need to charge the Orion DNA GO too often. The battery takes just about 40 to 60 minutes to fully charge using the micro USB port that is concealed from sight at the base of the device.

Orion DNA GO also has a Replay mode that comes in very handy when you find the perfect power setting and you want to save it. The Replay function also helps to extend battery life, prevent dry hits, and extend the lifespan of your pods. The DNA Go Chip from Evolv. Offers a boost function that allows you to increase the power output of the device or boost your draw. 

Orion DNA GO Refillable Pods

The Orion DNA GO refillable pods have a rectangular shape with a little section along the bottom edge cut out. They are equipped to carry 2ml of ejuice. They are made from polycarbonate and are tinted just enough so you can still get to monitor your ejuice level. The pods snap on and off the device easily. The pods utilize a simple top-fill mechanism. You simply have to unscrew the cap at the top to give you access to the fill port. When you are done, you can screw the cap back on and resume vaping. 

The coils on the Orion DNA GO pods are made of stainless steel and feature organic cotton wicking that helps to enhance the flavor production. The pods feature 2 different ohm ratings: 

  • 0.25ohm which is listed as a direct-to-lung (DTL) pod and is better for vapor production.
  • 0.5ohm which is listed as a mouth-to-lung (MTL) pod and is better for flavor production.Orion DNA GO Mod by Lost Vape Review

Package Contents

Orion DNA GO Mod by Lost Vape comes neatly packaged with everything you need to get you started. At the Ejuice Deals online store, https://ejuice.deals, you can buy the Orion DNA GO Mod for $64.99. When you consider how much value the device delivers, then you know that is a fair price. The Orion DNA GO Mod is available in an array of colors to suit your personalized vaping style. You can simply place an order and Ejuice Deals have it delivered to you in no time.

When you buy one of Lost Vape’s Orion DNA GO Mod, it comes with:

  • Lost Vape Orion DNA GO Refillable Pod System
  • Micro USB Cable for charging
  • Lost Vape Lanyard so it is easy to carry around
  • User Manual


All in All, the Orion DNA GO Mod by Lost Vape delivers a perfect balance between aesthetics, functionality, and ease-of-use. Sure, you may be spending a little extra, but the value of the Orion DNA GO Mod is worth it.