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Route 66 BOGO Juice Deal Review

Looking for a cheap vape juice? Look no further as Route 66 is here to bring you the most affordable and delicious vape juices on the market. How affordable is it? You can get two 120-mL e-juice bottles for as low as $25.99 only! Now, tell me where on earth can you get a deal like that.

But of course, just because these e-liquids are being offered as part of a BOGO deal does not mean their quality is mediocre. These are in fact three of Route 66’s best sellers.

Open Road

Open Road is described as a perfect blend of gooey, rich caramel infused rice cereal with subtle notes of marshmallow and cream. Perfect for any road trip.

My take: There is a reason why I placed this first. Open Road is my favorite among the three. This vape juice is a mixture of warm gooey marshmallows and crunchy rice krispies with sweet caramel.

On the inhale, you get a sweet, light caramel taste. The smooth marshmallow flavor is in the background and adds a notable creaminess to the vape. The caramel intensifies as rice krispies appear on the exhale.

Although it contains caramel flavor, the sweetness of this e-juice is not overwhelming at all. I did not experience any throat irritation or fits of coughing from vaping it.

Get Your Kicks

Get Your Kicks is described as freshly picked sun-ripened strawberry on the inhale. A couple licks later, and you get to the center – sweet and chewy bubble gum. Bring back the classic American flavor.

My Take: This vape juice made me feel like I am sipping a strawberry soda on a hot day. It is slightly sour and slightly sweet, and the combination of flavors is well-balanced. You also get the original bubblegum flavor (the classic pink gum, I hope you know what I mean) and some strawberry hard candies.

On the inhale, you get sweet strawberry notes with some hints of watermelon, maybe? The bubblegum flavor is in the background, but it becomes more dominant on the exhale. To me, it is not a fresh kind of strawberry, it is more of a strawberry blow pop. I have a sweet tooth, so I did not mind the strawberry candy flavor.

Main Street

Main Street is described as a tart yet succulent green apple on the inhale. On the exhale, you’re treated to a rich cinnamon and perfectly toasted crust. Just like grandma used to make – the perfect apple pie.

My take: On the inhale, Main Street e-juice will give you the taste of an apple pie. It has a very light green apple flavor with a decent taste. The notes of pie crust can be felt in the background. On the exhale, the cinnamon flavor comes in. Overall, this e-juice has this nice bakery feel that will take you down the memory lane. If my grandma could taste this, I guess she’ll like it.

Stock up your favorite vape juice from Route 66 by snatching this BOGO deal. Head over to thesaucela.com to grab two of these e-liquids for the price of one.

Each of these e-liquids is a blend of 80% vegetable glycerin and 20% propylene glycol. Route 66 e-liquids are crafted for both flavor chasers and cloud chasers. This can easily be an all day vape. Open Road is particularly good for vaping during the summer season when you are on road trips. There are three nicotine strengths available for these e-liquids. You can get them with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine.

Overall, these three e-liquids are a must-try. I listed these e-liquids based on how I rank their taste.

The Route 66 series is brought to you by The Sauce LA. This e-liquid maker has proven itself in the industry. The company is known for producing one-of-a-kind vape juices such as 1922, XXX, Ace, Model Tea, Capone, Caramel Waffle Cappuccino, Vanilla Bean Cream, Mango Tropical Blast, and Passion Fruit Cooler.