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Slim Twist Battery Kit by Vapor Tech Review


Slim Twist Battery is a new line of battery kits produced by Vapor Tech. Similar to the Slim Variable Voltage Battery Kit, the Slim Twist Battery Kit provides you the opportunity to be in charge of your battery’s voltage output when you are vaping. Being able to control your voltage output gives a whole new exciting dimension to vaping.

Product Description

The Slim Twist Battery Kit combines a slim oil battery and USB charger which can fully charge the 280mAh battery in 50 minutes. It works with all 510-thread cartridges and all your Slim Pen Cartridges and Glass Cartridges.

Besides voltage output, you can pretty much be in charge of a range of other features in this device. One of these features is the color of the device; you can choose from the different colors it comes in, red, blue, white, black, pink or rainbow. The features embedded in this battery kit gives a hint that it is a modification of previous designs to better suit vaping needs.

These features include the inclusion of a stylus tip at the bottom of the battery that can double as a stylus for electronic touch screen devices; a convenient standby mode that preserves the battery life; an automatic power-off function that makes the battery turn off after you have inhaled for 8 seconds and resumes automatically when you take the next puff, to ensure that you do not choke from drawing more than your throat can take.

Other features include a silver twist bottom dial with a red line in the middle which can be used to adjust the battery’s voltage output from the range of 3.3v to 4.2v. When you do not want to take in too much vapor, probably early in the day, you can adjust your voltage from 3.3v to 3.5v or 3.7v. When you are ready for a stronger hit, you can go all the way to 4.2v.

The use of LED technology around the button in this device also makes life way easier for vapers. It serves as an indicator for a variety of functions; a low battery indicator – it flashes 10 times when the battery is low, a charging indicator – it glows red when charging and green when the battery is fully charged.

How To Use The Slim Twist Battery Kit

To turn on the battery device, rapidly click the button five times. The same procedure applies when you want to turn the battery off. If you want to vape thicker oils, you need to warm it up. To warm up the oils, rapidly click on the button two times. It will begin a pre-heating cycle that runs ~1.2v for 15 seconds. During the pre-heat cycle, the LED ring around the button will change colors. You can stop the pre-heating cycle early by clicking the button one time.

Brand Profile

Slim Twist Battery Kit is a product by Vapor Tech, a brand that deals in all kinds of devices, employing technology to meet vaping needs and make vaping experience better every time. They also have a variety of vaping devices and ejuices that you should take a look at on their website.


You can purchase the Slim Twist Battery Kit on vaportechusa.com for $18.99.