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Slim’s E-Juice’s Dragon King E-Liquid Review

Dragon King Premium E-Liquid by Slims E-Juice is an epic combination of dragon fruit, green apple, apple candy, caramel, vanilla custard, Bavarian cream, and sweet cream. Were you surprised with the name and flavor combination? I was a little stunned too. I literally had to read the entire description to make sure I was not dreaming.

Aside from its utterly unique name, it’s five-star rating also caught my attention. I concluded that this e-juice must be very good since people are raving about it. One reviewer said it was his first time vaping and he immediately fell in love with this e-juice. Now, I call that love at first vape.

Now it is time to see if Dragon King by Slim’s E-Juice will impress my taste buds.


The very instant I vape it, I was left speechless. All I could just say was wow! This vape juice is easy to love whether you are a newbie or an experienced vaper. Different flavors appear on both the inhale and exhale. I cannot easily pinpoint which flavor is more dominant, but I assure you, Dragon King is of royal descent and will not disappoint you.

The e-liquid gives you a fruity and tangy taste on the inhale. There are notes of dragon fruits and green apple, which are sweetened by the apple candy and caramel taste. The exhale gives you a creamy flavor. You get the scrumptious taste of vanilla custard and Bavarian cream topped off with some sweet cream.

I vaped this e-liquid with the Smok TFV12 Prince Tank, and the voltage was between 60 and 65 watts.


Slim’s E-Juice did not reveal the VG and PG ratio of this e-liquid. However, I am certain that this cloud e-liquid truly deserves to be called a dragon king. While it will not give you the ability to breathe fire, it can produce immensely thick white clouds of vapor. It can fill any room with clouds.

Its throat hit is nice and smooth too. The intensity is mild. I did not experience any nose tingling sensation, throat burning, or fits of coughing.


I have a good news for you. Slim’s E-Juice makes this e-juice available with different nicotine concentration levels so that everyone can enjoy it. Dragon King is available in seven nicotine levels.

You can get this e-liquid with either 0 mg, 2 mg, 4, mg, 6 mg, 8 mg, 10 mg or 12 mg of nicotine. You know the drill, the 0 mg level suits vapers who do not want any nicotine at all. Both the 2 mg and 4 mg are for vapers looking for a mild nicotine kick. The 6 mg and 8 mg levels are for a more intense throat hit. The last two levels – 10 mg and 12 mg – will give you a very strong throat hit.

The nicotine ingredient used to make Slim’s vape juices are pure and sourced from the USA.


Dragon King Cloud comes in a  dark see-through glass bottle with a child-proof cap. A 60-mL bottle of this Slim’s E-Juice blend will only cost you $14. But if you buy more,  you can get a discount. Two bottles cost $22 only, four bottles for $40, eight bottles for $70, and 16 bottles for $120. That’s a saving of $6, $16, $42, and $104 respectively. You are welcome.


This cheap vape juice is something you should try. Overall, the flavor is rated A. The vapor production is excellent. The throat hit is smooth, and the intensity depends on the nicotine level you pick. And its price is absolutely a steal.

By the way, in case you are not satisfied with this Slim’s E-Juice product, simply hit the Contact Us button on their website and send them your complaint. I have not tried doing that since I am more than satisfied, but they promise to reply within 24 hours.