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Smok Nord 50W Pod Kit Review

Out of the many brands offering high-quality vape hardware on the market, Smok is arguably among the best vaping hardware brands in the industry. This company based in Shenzhen, China is known for creating high-quality vape hardware using premium materials. Since its launch, the Smok brand has been at the forefront of innovative vape system designs. Out of the many Smok products on the market, this post will focus on the Nord 50W pod kit, the latest in this Smok series.

The Smok Nord 50W pod kit comes with updated features and is available in more than fifteen colorful finishes including leather. Examples of these finishes are Black Leather, Brown Leather, Red Leather, Black Carbon Fibre, Black Stabilizing, Black Stabilizing Wood, Red Stabilizing Wood, Silver Carbon Fiber, Fluid 7-Color, Black Armour, White Armour, Fluid Black & Grey, Blue Leather, Fluid Black Grey, Cyan Pink Cobra, and Black Red Marbling.

Design & Appearance

The Smok Nord 50W pod kit is designed to be portable and easy to carry around. This vape device has an ergonomic design that will fit in the hands comfortably. The stitching on the leather series of this Smok device comes with sleek metal.

This Smok Nord 50W comes with an adjustable airflow valve that is located on the back of this device. There are two airflow holes on either side of the device. And the charging port (USB Type-C) is located at the bottom of this Smok Nord device.

And the mouthpiece of this Nord 50W features a duckbill design with added curves so it fits perfectly between the lips.

The Smok Nord 50W pod kit has a similar look to the Smok Nord 4 pod kit, however, there are major updates. The Nord device comes with a stronger 50W battery that allows input of up to 80W variable wattage.

And the Smok Nord 50W is designed for MTL and DTL vaping. And the RPM and RPM2 coils also come with this vape kit. This system also comes with an LP2 meshed 0.23 DTL coil, and the regular Nord DC 0.6 coil. This Nord device also comes with a RPM meshed 0.4 coils. These RPM coils are sold separately. The Smok Nord 50W pod kit comes with a 2ml vape juice capacity. And these e-liquids contain 60/50 percent Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG).

The Smok Nord 50W device comes with a 1800 mAh battery that will allow for long vaping sessions. This device does not need frequent recharging and when it is low you can charge it using a USB-C port. And the airflow is of the Nord 50W device is designed to be adjusted.

The Smok Nord 50W is available for sale at many vape stores. However, you get the best deals in the UK when you buy from the Vape Green store. You can buy the Smok Nord 50W for £24.99.

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