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Strawberry Milk by Kilo Moo Series Review

Strawberry milk is one of the popular e-liquid flavors. While you will find many strawberry milk e-juice blends on the market, very few manufacturers do it like Kilo E-Liquids. The Kilo Moo Series’ Strawberry Milk tastes accurate. Yes, it has a bit more milk than strawberry, but it is great, and this is just what you expect from an e-liquid in a milk line.

Strawberry milk has been a big hit since the 1990s, and it is easy to see why. If you love this mouth-watering dessert drink and you are looking for the best e-liquid to choose, look no further. Kilo’s Strawberry Milk will tantalize your taste buds. It is hard not to enjoy vaping this blend. If you purchase a bottle of this e-liquid and the taste is not as it should be, you can steep it for some time to allow the ingredients mix up properly and then you should get the right taste.

Imagine drinking a glass of strawberry milk. That is exactly what it tastes like when you are vaping this Kilo e-juice. From the moment you take the lid off the bottle, you will smell strawberries and milk. The strawberry flavor in this e-liquid is not candied nor does it have a chemical taste. Instead, it tastes juicy and ripe. The sweetness level of this Strawberry Milk blend is not overly high, so you will not get tired of vaping it in a short time. On the inhale, you can taste milky creaminess with hints of strawberry. On the exhale, the strawberry flavor becomes more evident. The blend of Strawberry Milk is well done. The taste is very much balanced.

Kilo E-Liquids’ Strawberry Milk has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 70vg/30pg. The cloud production of this e-liquid is impressive. The clouds are particularly excellent when you vape this e-liquid at a high wattage from a device like the Smok Alien 220W Premium Mod Kit 200W TC. The taste of this e-juice does not become weird when you amp up the wattage.

Like other e-liquids in the Kilo Moo Series, Strawberry Milk comes in 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg of nicotine. The version of this e-juice with 6mg of nicotine has a strong and satisfying throat hit. The throat hit that you get from the version of Strawberry Milk with 3mg of nicotine is much more mellow. Unless you have a thing for throat hit, 3mg of nicotine will do it for you.

The e-liquids in the Kilo Moo Series come in a beautiful bottle with a black and white cap that is patterned after the skin color of cows. The cap, which has a dropper tip, comes with a childproof design. The bottle that this e-juice is packaged is clear so you can see the exact level from the time you get it. The packaging shows you that this is a premium e-liquid. Unlike other e-juice brands on the market with great packaging but their products have questionable quality, Kilo’s e-liquids are up there among the best in the market.

Kilo E-Liquids is one of the US-based makers of e-liquids that has been making a name in the market over the past few years. The company uses superior quality ingredients to make its e-juice blends. The company has many popular e-liquids in its collection. The other e-liquids in the Kilo Moo Series are Blueberry Milk, Banana Milk, Neapolitan Milk, Coffee Milk, Vanilla Almond Milk. The company has other equally good e-liquids in its Kilo Black Series, Kilo White Series, and Kilo Standard Series.

You can grab a 60ml bottle of Kilo’s Strawberry Milk on Smokly for only $18.90. Considering the quality of this e-liquid, this is a bargain.