The Suorin Air V2 Starter Kit is one of the most popular ultra-portable starter kits available on the market today. It was the first compact card like design by Suorin Air. It can provide a mind-blowing vaping experience. This vape kit is very portable, so it is very easy to carry it while you are traveling. The dimensions of this device are 86mm tall, 43mm wide and 8mm thick. It is powered by a 400mAh rechargeable battery with pass-through technology. It is very simple to operate this device, there are no special skills or training required.

The Suorin Air V2 Starter Kit has no power switch and it can be activated by simply taking a draw. It is very easy to change pod cartridges, so you can buy multiple pods for a cheap price and keep them filled with different vape juices of your choice. So, you can vape your preferred vape juice without the annoyance of replacing coils or draining vape juice from tanks. This sleek and sophisticated pod device offers a mind-blowing vaping experience, thanks to the unique feature and advanced settings.

The Suorin Air V2 Starter Kit is equipped with a refillable pod cartridge. It is compatible with nicotine salt based vape juices. The Suorin Air V2 replacement pod cartridge can hold 2ml of vape juice. The pod cartridges need to be replaced after five refills. The Suorin Air V2 replacement pod cartridge features a tank, atomizer, cotton wicking, and mouthpiece. As the mouthpiece is attached to the pod system, it is recommended to replace it on time to maintain hygiene rather than cleaning it with harmful chemicals.

The Suorin Air Starter Kit is a simple and affordable device crafted for casual vapers. It is designed for mouth-to-lung vaping. This starter kit can deliver a satisfying throat hit. You will get the same satisfaction that you get while you smoke a cigarette. The device fits well in your hands. Everything is included in the package, so you can start vaping immediately after unboxing the package.

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