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TAAT CBD Smokes Review

What are CBD smokes

CBD is a phytocannabinoid found in cannabis plants. It is especially abundant in hemp flowers. CBD smokes, aka CBD cigarettes, refer to smoking sticks made from hemp flowers. The cigarettes are designed to offer a better alternative to tobacco-based cigarettes. One of the top brands providing quality, reliable, and efficient CBD smokes is TAAT.

Who is TAAT?

TAAT is a revolutionary brand that manufactures hemp cigarettes. The market is filled with tobacco and nicotine-laced products, which are harmful. These cigarettes are highly addictive and have caused life-threatening conditions and sometimes led to death. The adverse effects have been a huge wake-up call to conventional cigarette smokers.

However, the addiction to smoking and the rituals involved makes it nearly impossible to quit. This is where TAAT comes in. The brand utilizes top brains in the industry and the latest technology to create products that offer the same experience as regular cigarettes.

TAAT cigarettes are made from hemp, water, and food-grade ingredients. Each ingredient goes through a series of safety tests to ensure the final product does not contain harmful chemicals or anything that might harm the consumer. Each stick contains up to 25% CBD, while THC remains below 0.2%.

What sets TAAT’s products apart from the rest is their ability to replicate the look, feel, and taste of regular cigarettes. While transitioning from tobacco to hemp cigarettes, TAAT ensures that you don’t miss the habits that make cigarettes addictive. Rituals like fitting the sticks between the fingers, placing them on the lips, and blowing thick clouds is possible with TAAT cigarettes. You will also experience the same cracking sounds as the sticks burn and identical flavors of your favorite cigarette, may it be Marlboro, Winston, Newport, or any other.

TAAT cigarettes come in three flavors; Original, Smooth, and Menthol. Each flavor mimics the flavor of tobacco cigarettes to a tee. The original pack taste is bold and similar to Marlboro Red and Winston. TAAT smooth is ideal for smokers who enjoy mild flavors, like Marlboro Gold and American Spirit Yellow. The final flavor is menthol and is a fan-favorite. When smoked, the pack offers a flavor reminiscent of mint, just like products like Marlboro menthol, Newport, and KOOL.

According to scientific studies, CBD is linked to numerous therapeutic benefits. Additionally, it is also known to help with addiction. This makes it the best choice for anyone looking to cut off tobacco and nicotine while still getting additional health benefits. Some of the advantages of smoking CBD cigarettes are;

  • CBD is excellent at producing calming and relaxing effects. This is especially beneficial to individuals trying to overcome addiction as they tend to become irritable during their life-altering journey.
  • CBD is used widely for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, it has been found to help with stress, depression, and different forms of anxiety.
  • Smoking provides instant effects and has higher bioavailability than eating edibles or consuming products sublingually. This means that CBD cigarettes work within 2-10 minutes of inhalation; the effects are magnified and tend to last longer.


TAAT pack contains 20 sticks and retails at $6.99, while the carton contains 10 packs inside and goes for $59.99. Additionally, the brand offers discounted prices to wholesale purchases. Visit trytaat.com and enjoy quality products at an affordable price. What’s more? You get the first pack free of charge.