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TAAT Cigarettes Review: Kicking the Habit Has Never Been Easier 

If you’re a regular smoker and you’ve tried to quit, you know that this can be a surprisingly difficult undertaking—one that requires a lot of dedication and strong will. One of the reasons why quitting smoking is very difficult is that it is very difficult to go cold turkey, so many smokers use smoking cessation products to satisfy their longing for nicotine until they can finally wean themselves off nicotine. However, smoking cessation aids do not account for the ritualized experience of smoking. This is doubtless the reason why many smokers end up falling off the wagon. The people behind TAAT sought to address this with their unique nicotine-free and tobacco-free product.

Why is TAAT unique? Well, imagine you don’t have to give up on cigarettes to wean yourself off nicotine addiction. That’s what TAAT cigarettes provide. These hemp-based cigarettes are designed to closely mimic the experience of smoking tobacco cigarettes. TAAT cigarettes come in a flip-top pack like regular cigarettes, and they’re rolled with FSC-branded paper like tobacco cigarettes, but the similarities don’t stop there. TAAT cigarettes feel, smell, taste, and burn like regular cigarettes. You get the same crackling sound when you light it up and take a draw. Also, it has the same filter tip as regular cigarettes. I mean, what more can you ask for? TAATs produce the same sensory experience as regular cigarettes. 

Now, you may be wondering, how is it possible that hemp-based cigarettes are made to resemble tobacco cigarettes. Well, TAAT uses a patent-pending process to achieve this feat. The company uses hemp, water, and food-grade flavoring to make its hemp base. TAAT refers to this hemp base as Beyond Tobacco. Just like we have Beyond Burger, TAAT is presenting a healthier alternative to an unhealthy product. 

At this stage, you’re probably wondering what are the effects of smoking TAAT cigarettes. Each stick of TAAT contains 25mg of cannabidiol (CBD) and less than 0.2% of THC. Thanks to its generous dosage of CBD, TAAT cigarettes produce a calming effect. It won’t get you high or affect your senses in any way. 

TAAT cigarettes come in a pack of 20. You can get a pack at the TAAT online store for $6.99. If you don’t want to have to buy new smoke packs often, you can grab a carton of TAAT—contains 10 packs.

TAAT cigarettes are available in three different flavors, namely TAAT Original, TAAT Smooth, and TAAT Menthol. Each flavor is based on popular tobacco cigarettes.

  • TAAT Original has a strong tobacco flavor like American Spirit Blue, Winston, and Marlboro Red.
  • TAAT Smooth has a mild tobacco flavor like American Spirit Yellow, Marlboro Gold, and Pall Mall Blue.
  • TAAT Menthol has a minty tobacco flavor like KOOL, Newport, and Marlboro Red.

If you’re interested in trying out TAAT cigarettes, head over to the company’s online store today and grab a free pack. Head over to trytaat.com to learn more about this product and start shopping!