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The Berg Nicotine Salt by Innevape Labs Review

The Berg Nicotine Salt is actually based on the infamous Heisenberg freebase vape juice by Innevape Labs USA. If you have not heard of Heisenberg, it is famous for its extreme “blue” flavor containing more blue-ness than any other vape juice in the market. Whilst the name Heisenberg may remind you of the character in that infamous Breaking Bad TV show, the flavor itself deserves praise. The Berg Nicotine Salt attacks your tongue with notes of blue raspberries, blue ice pop and blue slushie all mixed into one. It tastes just like the blue slushie slurpee at your nearest 7 eleven. In this nicotine salt version, you can taste a sweet and tart blend of these blue concoctions letting you exhale with peace of mind. With the scent of fruitiness from the blue raspberries, it makes The Berg into a fruity sensation that will not tire out your tongue or senses quickly. We also taste an extremely low cooling sensation in the mix.

The Berg Nicotine Salt by Innevape Labs is made with a generously high PG mix of 40% propylene glycol and 60% vegetable glycerin base, ensuring bold slushie and fruity flavors. It can be purchased from Punk Juice Vape Store. Punk Juice Vape Store is located in Malaysia and provides a 7 day delivery express service to the USA via DHL Express. The Berg Nicotine Salt by Innevape Labs costs USD13.50 for a 30ml bottle and available in 24mg or 48mg variants. Use code CASH10 for a USD10 discount on your first purchase (USD50 minimum spending applies).