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What is Lookah Seahorse Pro Dab Pen By Lookah?

Lookah seahorse pro dab pen is a product of Lookah that gives you an extraordinary vaping experience. These vape pods are high quality, with excellent performance, and you will get them at an affordable price. Hence the seahorse pro is an advancement from the previous seahorse model.

Overview of Lookah Seahorse Pro

It’s an advanced vaping device that enhances its appearance, has high quality, is beyond expectation performance, is easy to carry around, and offers great convenience. Again, this device consists of fine material for construction to give a durable product that will withstand your daily routine.

Characteristics of Lookah Seahorse Pro

  • Compact for easy portability.
  • It is an integrated 650mAh rechargeable battery to allow you to enjoy longer vaping sessions.
  • The devices also use both automatic and manual modes. You can use the adjustable manual mode to adjust the voltage in steps between 3.2V, 3.6V, and 4.1V.
  • Versatile use. Although the vape pod is one device, you can use it differently. Either use a hose connector or take rips directly from the glass tube.
  • The products are perfectly crafted.
  • Known for high-quality products.
  • It incorporates style into its functionality; hence you can explore different a collection of vaporizers, bongs, vape pens, and water pipes.

Features and Specifications

  • Fast heating
  • Compact and portable design
  • Rechargeable 650mAh integrated battery
  • Easy to clean
  • Dimensions; 33.6mm by 147.2mm
  • LED pilot lamp
  • Adjustable voltage

What Will I Get in the Box of Lookah seahorse Pro?

On arrival, Lookah, Seahorse pro dab pen package comes with the following;

  • One cleaning brush
  • One seahorse pro dab pen
  • One tip/coil cover
  • One connecting horse
  • One micro-USB cable
  • One 14/18mm adapter
  • One user manual

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Good appearance
  • Long-lasting
  • High performance
  • Easy to clean


  • The brand is not the most recognized

Where to Get Lookah seahorse Pro

Visit West Coast Vape Supply to get your Lookah seahorse pro dab pen. The vape pods are available in different colors. So, you can choose one that matches your style and taste. Available colors include blue, grey, red, purple, orange, camo, tie-dye, and green.

How to Use the Lookah Seahorse Pro Dab?

There are two available options to use. The Lookah seahorse pro dab has two operation modes- manual and automatic. For manual operation, press the button and dab at your favorable temperature.

For the automatic option, press the power button three times to activate the wax. You will notice a flashing light to indicate ongoing pre-heat mode for about 15 seconds. Then the dab will remain at your preferred temperature for about 30 seconds to allow enough dab session.

Lastly, burn all the vape concentrates off the tip for the quartz tip to last longer. Otherwise, leaving the residue inside the tip airwaves can harden and ruin the coil.


Lookah seahorse pro will always be handy for a quick vaping session. Or when you want something that offers convenience and performance, is portable, compact, and gives excellent results. Get one and enjoy a nicotine salt and vape juice-free dab.